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Lund, September 28th, 2014

For release 3:30 p.m. CET, 9:30 a.m. EST, September 28th, 2014

TFS and SCIderm enter into a Strategic Partnership Agreement to meet an increasing global demand in Dermatology trials

TFS International AB (TFS) and SCIderm GmbH (SCIderm) have of October 3rd 2014, entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement to combine resources and scientific expertise within Dermatology development.

The increasing R&D focus in dermatology and the need for well executed global clinical trials has brought the two companies together to combine scientific and regulatory expertise, relations with leading dermatology sites and global reach. TFS and SCIderm will jointly offer global and therapeutically aligned development services for life science companies with R&D in dermatology. The partnership will target those dermatology companies in need of high level scientific and regulatory advice, access to world renowned dermatology investigators and managing the logistics and nuances associated with the conduct of larger multinational dermatology trials across Europe and North America.

TFS and SCIderm have been collaborating since 2011 in a variety of dermatological clinical trials and have established a proven working process, operational harmonization and a senior executive governance structure. The strategic partnership provides a reach of 200 investigational sites and access to more than 180,000 dermatological patients in Europe and North America.

“We have been impressed by SCIderm’s scientific approach to dermatology development, their longstanding relationship to the dermatology community and the value they bring companies developing treatments within dermatology. TFS ambition in the partnership is to leverage the unique expertise of SCIderm by providing execution of larger trials throughout Europe and North America”, says Mr. Daniel Spasic, Chief Executive Officer at TFS.   

The strategic partnership will benefit dermatology companies in search of early scientific and regulatory planning as well as, inroads to highly specialized dermatology investigators with global patient access.

“TFS is our ideal partner, well established in more than 20 countries with a clear commitment to quality and customer orientation. The level of trust at a senior level as well as at operational levels gives us the opportunity to approach our customers as true experts in dermatology with global resources”, says Mrs. Ina Zschocke, Managing Partner at SCIderm.

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Ms. Gordana Claveres, MSc.
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Information about TFS

TFS International is the largest independent clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO). Founded in 1996 in Sweden, TFS currently operates in over 20 countries throughout Europe, USA and Japan. TFS supports multiple therapeutic areas and provides services worldwide through four business areas: TFS ExploreTM, TFS DevelopTM, TFS PeopleTM and TFS AcademyTM. Detailed information about TFS, its business offerings, global locations and recent press releases can be obtained through


Information about SCIderm

SCIderm is a specialized CRO in Dermatology with its own in-house investigator site and access to 200 investigator sites with more than 180,000 dermatological patients in Europe and Canada.

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