It's all about trust

Jan Hellqvist
Regional Manager for Northern Europe

Knowledge, speed and quality

Form Support, or IFS, has become a legend in the field of clinical research. The company was founded in 1996 as a one-man enterprise by Daniel Spasic. Since then it has expanded considerably, and now Spasic heads a corporation with around 500 employees and is on his way to establishing IFS in the USA as well.

By Eva Tiwe Translation: CLS Communication A/S

"We want to develop the Nordic countries into an attractive region for clinical research," he explains.

What has made this company such a success, with a current turnover of FUR 40 million?

"First off, it's the entrepreneurial spirit of Daniel Spasic, coupled with the fact that we've continuously succeeded in bringing in good people, which has been the most important key to success. If you have the right employees in the right place and with the right attitude and knowledge, then that's an excellent recipe for success," says Jan Hellqvist, TFS's Regional Manager for Northern Europe.

In addition, he lists willpower, a strong customer focus, speed and guaranteed quality as success factors that have helped create the Trial Form Support we see today.

"Speed and flexibility are important to many customers. We can fulfil a contract in just two days. We've heard of examples where large American CROs (Contract Research Organisations) take months to do the same thing. And we can adapt completely to the wishes and goals of the customer while remaining compliant with the demands of GCP (Good Clinical Practice)," says Hellqvist.

The company is capable of completing just about any task within clinical research using its own staff. The focus is on four business areas:

  • TFS Explore, which conducts early-stage research and development, initially centring on phase I studies. These are conducted in clinics or at the phase I centres at Karolinska University Hospital, in Stockholm, and Skane University Hospital, in Lund.
  • IFS Develop, which conducts clinical research from phase II to phase IV.
  • IFS People, which hires out clinical research staff for shorter or longer periods.
  • IFS Academy, which focuses on providing training and education.


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